I began developing web sites in 1995 and am proficient in many web programming and scripting languages including xhtml, css, JavaScript (and associated technologies like jquery and ajax), as well as php and mysql. I have extensive experience developing various types of sites with WordPress, many of which required custom themes and functions. I'm also experienced in cross-platform, cross-browser testing and development for desktop and mobile platforms.

Typically, I walk the line between design and development, receiving site mock-ups from various creative teams or designers and delivering clean, valid, XHTML and CSS files to a back-end team (which I am also often a part of), where my files are converted and used as templates in various content management systems.

Currently, I serve as a lead developer at Sideshow Collectibles, a specialty manufacturer of licensed and proprietary collectible products, where I work with properties such as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel Comics, James Bond and others. I have also had an active freelance career with clients including Greek101, Gusto!, Treehouse Agency, Acme Design and others.





Marc Hawkins

Marc Hawkins

December #LootCrate

Marc Hawkins

Finished product #printrbot

Marc Hawkins

How I Spent X-Mas Break


Marc Hawkins

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